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Fare Thee Well Brother Steve image by Jim Nimmo

Fare Thee Well Brother Steve image by Jim Nimmo

Fare Thee Well Elder Steve

Remembering Stephen Phillips  January 4, 1960 - September 29, 2020

Steve was born to Constance D & Philip K Phillips, the middle of five children and the third son of a third son. In his youth, Steve was a playful and ornery sibling, building go-carts, riding bikes, and playing in the creek.  During his young adulthood, his curious and adventurous spirit transmuted into a love for art of all kinds.  He was a skilled painter, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and engineer/producer.  His joy for writing and playing music would become a lifelong career.  He touched countless hearts performing with Kansas City bands Steve, Bob & Rich, The Rainmakers, and The Elders.  His authentic and unassuming nature made him friends wherever he traveled.  Steve was known for his many passions:  history, politics, social justice issues, the environment, and for making amazing buckwheat pancakes.

Despite his public recognition, he embodied a humble and appreciative attitude towards his successes.  Steve was most proud of the loves in his life:  His wife, Rebecca, and their three children, Zac, AnnaLea, and Elliott, who all carry Steve's trademark chin dimple and many other of his greatest qualities.  Being young at heart, he had a deep and playful connection with his four grandchildren.

Steve knew all year that he was on borrowed time, but he was very private and did not want to bring attention to his suffering.  He was dedicated to living with dignity and grace as he bravely approached his death.  He died at home in the loving care of his beloved wife and children. Even as his body returns to the earth, his spirit will continue to live on through his descendants, through his musical legacy, and through his love for his fans, friends and family.  Rest in peace brother Steve.

In lieu of flowers, Steve wishes donations be made in his memory to some of his favorite charities:

Midwest Music Foundation www.midwestmusicfoundation.org

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine www.pcrm.org

Rocky Mountain Institute www.rmi.org

A private memorial was held  Oct 7th in an outdoor setting.  The full video documentation of the service is linked below.  Thanks to everyone for your outpouring of love and support during this time of grieving.  We feel you...

Stephen P Phillips Full-length Memorial Video Documentation

Dearest family, band families, friends like-family, spiritual community, fans like-family, friends & fans, acquaintances and ones who are simply curious to know Steve, 

Four weeks ago today, Steve took his last breath at 8:05pm.  Stephen was worthy of descending from — for that we are grateful.  Our time together this lifetime was sacred and cherished.  He requested “a simple service with my family and a few close friends.… Something that brings a sense of spiritual connectedness and closure.”   Per Steve’s wishes, a small gathering was held outdoors in a local park (where we had shared many a walk together) to reflect on first and last breaths and life in-between. This occurred on a beautiful Indian Summer afternoon under the shaded canopy of a grove of trees.  The energies that came together created what you are about to witness. 

We invite you to honor Stephen with your own reflection of his relevance in your life.  We ask that you behold these images and the accompanying narrative with reverence. 

It is with tender hearts that we release this documentation of our beloved Stephen’s memorial to share with you, and you, and you, and you… Peace be to one and all… 

Acknowledgement:  Special thanks to Kian, Chris & Jay for making this possible with sound and imagery. 

Humbly, Rebecca, Zac, AnnaLea, Elliott and family