1. Station #9

From the recording Wanderin' Life & Times

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Written by The Elders © 2011
Lyrics by Brent Hoad


It was April third, election day, the fifth ward boys and the APA
All hell broke loose at the West Side Bridge, built for the Union line

There was no love lost, they didn’t fight fair, holding back for at least a year
On the corner where I’m standin’ here
At Station Number Nine boys, Station Number Nine

Big Jim, Big Joe, and John O’Neill
They tried to plead one last appeal
But the cops rode in and fate was sealed
At Station Number Nine, at Station Number Nine

The haves on the bluff, the nots in the kill
Vinegar Gulch and Union Hill
Irish blood would surely spill this time
Nobody knows who raised his gun, nobody cared who was the one
It started out as the usual fun, but it all went bad this time

While wounded bled, they counted score
They dragged Callahan to the firehouse door
In fifteen minutes he was dead on the floor
Of Station Number Nine boys, Station Number Nine

They counted votes, what’s done was done
Nobody believed the thugs had won
And the deputy said we won’t get fooled next time
After what went down at Station Number Nine