1. Haverty Boys

From the recording American Wake

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In a land so long ago
when the giants walked the globe
There is a tale of two men and a dog
They were bigger than a tree
and stronger than a rock
They’d guzzle gallons of porter
and sleep just like a log

When they walked into the room
the barman with his broom
Looks in the mirror
and sees a dirty smile
Then the glass falls to the ground
there’s havoc all around
The brother Havertys
are plastered run a mile

No one knows when a storm is comin’
With just one look we hope and pray
that the sun will shine
But the curse of the drink
we’re mighty men or so we think
There’s one more demon
in a dirty glass of wine

When the dust all settles down
the boys go and earn a pound
It's peace and quite
it’s safe to walk the streets
The boys are in the hole
and there’re digging piles of coal
Tonight they’ll stay at home
and feel the heat

I know they will be sorry
when they wake up in the morn
Last night they had so many friends
and now there’re all alone
Like all good men they mean well
with hearts as good as gold
But the poison
in the Barley the Devil sold

Well they feared none but one
my Granny was the one
She’d whack ‘em across the arse
with a big fat stick
For the sake of fragile pride
the boys would run and hide
The brother Havertys
wise Eamon and young Mick

By The Elders © 2004 Elders Pub Music Lyrics by ian