From the recording Racing the Tide

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Written by Ian Byrne, Norman Dahlor, Stephen Phillips & Brent Hoad / Lyrics by Ian Byrne © Elders Pub Music 2006


You could tell these boys were trouble
Even though they were so young
In the hills of Avoca thank god they had no guns
With echoes in their laughter amadons just out for thrills
No end in sight for mischief these boys with hidden skills
One summer day at the Wooden Bridge we planned to fill our net
All the fish were sleeping looks as though I’ll lose my bet
Just pennies in our pockets it’s enough to see the farm
We kick a stone into the pond you know we mean no harm

It’s a story of a fish I told by the fireside
To be with our two heroes on that day
Where from that mighty hole it’s a cannibal they stole
You should have seen the one that got away

Just as the sun was dimming ‘twas a monster we did see
The biggest fish I’d ever seen a cannibal was he
I asked if we could take him just to show him to your man
He said be sure to hold on you will need to use both hands
I tied him to my hand made bike and peddled through the wind
Young Miley by my side we both had devilment in our grin
Off to the house we washed our hands and doth our Sunday best
Nine miles the ride to Arklow with a story to impress

The front page of the papers I heard my Mother cry
Into my eyes she looked right through to her I could not lie
Our fame was known throughout the land for all the world to see
To this day the record holds I sing this song with glee