1. Bad Irish Boy

From the recording Racing the Tide

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Written by Ian Byrne, Norman Dahlor, Stephen Phillips & Brent Hoad / Lyrics by Ian Byrne © Elders Pub Music 2006


He grew up in a field by a mountain and a rock
Don’t care about the world he couldn’t see
In trouble he was in drinking whiskey beer and gin
Talking shyte around a hightop with McGee
Working Pubs and restaurants I’ll dig a ditch what do you want
We plan to leave the shores of Loch Morne
Applications in we toast good luck to all our Kin
Got to leave this dump where I was born

He’s a bad little Irish boy playing games and telling only lies
To make his dreams come true
Astronauts and Holocausts sad story’s just as cruel as he can tell
To be here with you

Climbing on an airbus a fat girl by my side
The story of her life I don’t care
Landing in the city lady liberty waves to me
All her different colored people stop and stare
From China town to dirty town just looking for the best
Please tell me how I find that row of green
The familiar music playing loud
Black banners make us fenians proud
We’re home again tell stories keep it clean

An expert on the troubles oppression from the crown
We know it all and never read a word
No history or apathy we’re hiding from the Law
We tell a tale we’ve never ever heard