From the recording Gael Day

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Written by The Elders © 2009
Lyrics by Brent Hoad


There comes this tale of a doomed romance
It started at the Rose and Crown
She wined him & dined him through London & France
Every night she burned him down

The glad eye she was givin’ this young fresh fish
She came on all proper and pale
But little did he know he was only a wish
And already headed for jail

Just a mark set up for the taking
Only he was the last one to know
She was the best he’d ever seen, but he was so damn green
He would never shake free from her ghost

It was good to be king for a while
He was only in for a laugh
He went down in style, a long high mile
It finally broke him in half …
On the morning the gallows did swing
It was good to be king for a while

She practiced the art she ran her game
Of fools she could push right over
He went down with the best just like all the rest
Inside out & barely sober

She warned him and dared him, she broke him down
Just like she told him she would
And finally the night it came unwound
She pulled it off to prove that she could

The emperor of bedlam a legend in time
‘Til the priest had to lead him away
He said an eye for an eye leaves every man blind
You only live to die another day