1. Only Good News

From the recordings The Best of The Elders VOL1 and Gael Day

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Written by The Elders © 2009
Lyrics by Brent Hoad


Now bad blood came and stayed too long
I was close to goin’ underground
When hard times came - I changed my name
Even thought about leavin’ this town

But I chanced on cross-eyed Molly
What a merciful wreck she’d be
By the time I’d forgotten everything was rotten
There she was just waitin’ for me

Only good news from now on
Mighty fine craic from dusk till dawn
So give me a reel, and give me a girl
In the morning I’ll be gone

Never numb to your days in this world
So forget everything you ever knew
The sky may fall, the rain may burn
With a better fate comin’ to you
When the sun goes down and the wind turns around
You’re lookin’ at a long slow slide
We will get away clean we saw it in a dream
May you never swallow that lie

If I ever do get what I haven’t found yet
I would run away far and hide
I would never forget not a single regret
Bet it all on one big ride
But the time is now, it’s down to the bone
We’re in for a penny, we’re in for a pound
So bust out a move, shut off that evil tube
And burn this building down