1. The Fisherman

From the recording Story Road

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I was walking by the docks one day
The fisherman bid to me good day
This gesture I returned with smile
He said rest your feet come sit awhile
My heart is low my eyes will cry
What’s wrong me boy did someone die
I say kind Sir the world so wrong
He said worry not your pain will pass with prayers and song

He proceeds to tell me of his life
The hardest pain was to loose his wife
From the foreign wars he once returned
Many brothers comrades maimed and burned
His eyes alive seen every shore
Fought with demons to the death and more
Tis all we have just you and me
This fisherman and me we’ll conquer lands and sea

His weathered face and wrinkled smile
He showed me how to walk the mile
Never knowing where the road will go
The wisdom in us all will show
There’ll be crooked deals and friends no more
Embrace the world your dreams will soar
Just honor all with truth and faith
And fill your boots with pride and grace

By The Elders © 2014
Lyrics by Ian