1. Thirteen Days

From the recording Story Road

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A song about struggle, working in a mine, a girl...
Featuring traditional tune known as “O’Rourkes,” shared with us by local button box player, Mike Dugger.


Thirteen days I been waitin
Thirteen days I been hopin'
For the wind to blow my way
All the time I been prayin’
All the time I been askin’ she might stay
‘Gotta be strong an’ hold on
Thirteen days

Thirteen days in the darkness
This downtown wilderness
Down under doin' my best
But it’s cold down here
I’m comin’ up just wishin' for some rest
I could dream a thousand ways
Thirteen days

Well they said that she was trouble
But she was just a little strange
Now I’m livin' in this bubble
in a frozen golden cage

Didn't get dressed up for nothin'
Didn't kiss that book all day
To be ridin' all this way
From a greasy spine of a Donegal mine
To the Clifden coast and Galway by the bay
When my train comes in I’ll know
When my train comes in I’ll know
Thirteen days

By The Elders © 2014
Lyrics by Brent