From the recording Story Road

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Awakened by the pounding rain he opens tired eyes
Surrounded by the blankets warm he contemplates the rise
His muscles and his bones work no longer as a team
The years of sea and tide have made him weary lean and mean

The porridge and the teabag squeezes life back into brain
A quick glance through the window showing easing of the rain
The pain in his heart for the lover he adores
She’s carried him through storms always safely back to shore

Naughty Brigit is her name a name she hailed so well
For many days and nights she fought the sea and fierce swell
But now her days are numbered for her tethered ropes are worn
Goodbye my love…. forever I will mourn

Her weathered skin and wrinkled smile still beautiful and proud
The creaking of her bones in the night she screams out loud
Not quite the graceful youth of years the storms have taken toll
Still standing in the harbor with her elegance and soul

I polish her and groom her for her shine will never dim
We’ll end our years together in the depths of sea and sin
The ropes I tie around her neck will guide her through the night
The crashing waves and jagged rocks together win this fight

By The Elders © 2014
Lyrics by Ian