From the recording Story Road

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A heartfelt, upbeat tribute to legendary drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Levon Helm of The Band. Featuring a tune by The Chieftains called “Within a Mile of Dublin."


It was cotton, rice and rock and roll
Runnin’ through his veins
Fifty miles from Memphis
Chasin’ that mystery train
Throughout the South and Canada
Livin’ fast ‘til the money was gone
Stealin’ bread and cigarettes
They just kept crackin’ on

Wish he could hear us sing his song
The greatest of them all
Somehow we’ll have to get along
‘Cos even the great ones fall, yeah
Even the great ones fall

When the mystery tramp came callin’
The times they were strange
In that little pink house in the basement
The year that everything changed
From Woodstock to the pool house
He laid that pocket down
From the Great Divide to Atlantic City
From Dixie to Chinatown

I remember the day
They told us he was gone
I prayed someday I could shake his hand
I guess he was ramblin’ on
I pulled out all those records
And the tears came with regret
I hope he knew before he went
We will never ever forget

By The Elders © 2014
Lyrics by Brent