1. Seventeen

From the recording American Wake

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The rumor is out of London, wolf men underground
A couple more in Washington, they wouldn’t be too proud
From Gotham to Los Angeles, we know they come and go
And if there’s any trouble, there’s a man in Tokyo

Forget about the big names, you’ll never find ‘em here
The seventeen behind the scenes of every great career
Use every bribe and treachery, to rule every land
And roundin’ up the infidels who raise their hands
And if we knew the rest my friend, we wouldn’t want to wait
I’d be the first in line to stand them up straight

Who are the seventeen men who rule the world?

We should’ve seen it comin’ while there was still time
But soon every man will have stand in line
To get his daily ration of sufferin’ and war
But the armies of the world don’t know what they’re fighting for
If there was any justice we could stand our ground
Go marching through the boulevards to bring them down

Now if they meet resistance, I’ll sell them on my plan
I’m thinking seven figures but I’ll take a hundred grand
We’ll soften up the country with lies and beer
And then the true believers will have no fear
The wealth of every nation will fall into their hands
And now we know the reason is just because they can

By The Elders © 2004 Elders Pub Music Lyrics by Brent