1. Dig Me a Hole

From the recording American Wake

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It came from out of the lake
A dream so dark it took no prisoners
Put its tail around my neck
And took me to a room with no visitors

I never meant to kill anyone
So put away your poison pen
Just say what's done is done
No questions asked and none to defend
They'll hang an innocent man
In the morning at half past ten
But if I ever do my time
I'd climb the walls to get back in

So dig me a hole to hide away
The story I live with one more day
So speak up now, my fair- weather friend
Or just get out of my way

We worked that graveyard shift
Never left the underground
Your foolproof plan and a cold hard kiss
That sold me out to leave this town
I could cheat that hangman's noose
This punishment fits your crime
With one more chance to cut me loose
And meet at the money in two weeks' time

No surgeon's skillful hand
Could cut away this regret
Someday you'll understand
But a brother could not forget
Those footsteps drawing near
With a rattling jailhouse key
Just ten more steps to feel that fear
Where the story will end with me

By The Elders © 2004 Elders Pub Music Lyrics by Brent