1. Big Box Dinny

From the recording American Wake

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In the winter of sixty one, when the snow came down
The worst in forty years so they gathered their friends around
A turf log on the fire and whiskey in the jar
One lad on his fiddle and one on his guitar

Young Dinny he would listen with his ear up to the door
He knew just what was missing and he knew what he was for
He went straight up to Walton’s and put his money down
On a great big box Bertoni the prettiest one in town

Hey big box Dinny where’d you learn to play that thing?
When the girls find out what you’re all about
Your gonna make ‘em dance and sing
Hey big box Dinny when you gonna come back home?
Since the world found out what you’re all about
They can’t leave you alone

So Dinny went off to see the world and he played for kings and queens
One night found him in a club in the heart of New Orleans
He swallowed all that music and he tasted Etouffe
And after fifteen Mardi Gras, they new that he could play

Well Dinny made some records with a swampy heart and soul
From the delta of the Liffey he would let the good times roll
Given everything a nine stone man could give to the black and white
With his Irish squeezebox rock and roll they packed in every night

By The Elders © 2004 Elders Pub Music Lyrics by Brent