From the recording Racing the Tide

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Written by Brent Hoad, Stephen Phillips, Ian Byrne & Norman Dahlor / Lyrics by Brent Hoad © Elders Pub Music 2006


With their riddles off the tongue did come the Sons of Gael
The ancient Druid kings feared by many men
With a crack of light that fell upon the warriors
To win it all with a poet’s poison pen

They fought the devil’s mother to the death for forty days
When they came down from the mountains it was done
Twenty oars on either side when they put out with the tide
Their adventure only knew tomorrow’s sun

One mighty mast of beggar’s oak their vessel proud
And a rumor of those islands to the west
One winter’s whisky ration all that steerage would allow
So they left behind for Kerry all the rest

With only stars to navigate their big black sea
Till by accident one lookout heard the sound
By this time their only compass was a rosary
And after twenty weeks the coastline stared them down

On the year of their return by the lips of every man
Their solemn oath of secrecy was sealed
Reunited with their clan not a breath about the land
That this journey on the ocean did reveal

Not a word was written down not a map was ever drawn
For the captains of ten centuries to borrow