From the recording Racing the Tide

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"Five Long Years" lyric is based on a poem by Ken Galbreith


The Wicklow hills are silent the grip of winter chill
The birds have left the valley the snow is thick and still
A long way from the village and home we long to see
My wife and child in my heart only God can see

Stevens’ day has passed us the time has come and gone
Say farewell to Christmas a New Year’s desperate dawn
A hunger in my heart for the peace that I once knew
Before our march to freedom

Five long years against injustice we fought to hold this land
The hunger and pain-hath stricken every man
We’ll never - we’ll never bend a knee
To a Red coat Englishman

Last night we dined on coddle soup a bowl of nettle tea
We drank a toast to absent friends the ghosts that walk Glencree
I dreamed that I was young again your beauty in my eyes
The ocean serenades with song

With guns and their drums as the banners fly high
The trumpets they sound and I look to the sky
‘Tis here I’ll surely die

The soldiers are much closer now these hills of Glenmalure
What deed can fuel the hatred their hearts are so impure
We know the end is near Michael would be proud
Together we will sing the freemen’s song