1. Australia

From the recording Racing the Tide

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Written by Brent Hoad, Stephen Phillips, Ian Byrne & Norman Dahlor / Lyrics by Brent Hoad © Elders Pub Music 2006


From Adelaide to Arklow she carried out her quest
A shrine with many trophies on the wall
Every night she ran her traps from the east to the west
Like a legionnaire sent off to fight the war
She called it a blessing she called it a curse
Madonnas and her amulets she wore
She followed her Magellans to the edge of the earth
But Rathfarnam was as far as she could fall

Australia did she say she was from
Australia they thought she was the one
She could work the room with Danny boys
That she was shinin’ on
I give her six months and she’ll be gone

She fell for the line about the holy water
Hook line and sinker boat deck dock and pier
She thought a misadventure would make it all real
But she didn’t know she had to close the deal
He was the great persuader with time on his hands
He was money with a suitcase waitin’ for a train
To take him back to Dublin so she asked about his plans
And when would she see him again

The next one had some tales about some nuns and a dog
They walked along the levee by the bay
Some whisky and a chipper all they’re lookin’ for
And a fiddler to take them all the way
But she lived every day for the hour on the stage
Singin’ Al Jolson for the sailors
If the drummer copped a kick she would show a little leg
To the Stuka boys who crashed into their prayers