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Written by Brent Hoad, Steve Phillips, Ian Byrne & Norm Dahlor / Lyrics by Brent Hoad & Steve Phillips © Elders Pub Music 2006

*Traditional Tune in Racing the Tide is
The Humours Of Tulla (reel)
Also known as The Boys Of Tulla, The Humors Of Tulla, The Humours Of Tullagh, The Humours Of Tullah, The Kilmaley, Kilmayley, Mrs Crehans, Sonny Martin, Sonny Martin’s, The Tulla.


The sirens wailed at midnight in that old Viking town
We all ran out to Princess Street to see what’s goin’ down
The train pulled in from Gorey at twenty after one
And seven hours later the dirty work was done

The sailors stumbled down to the river
They were all three sheets to the wind
There’s a name for them out in Milwaukee
But in Queenstown we just call ‘em Jim

Casting off from the docks at a half past three
They made off for the open sea
Out into the black if they’re never comin’ back
With the ghost from the past they were hoping to see

The ladies stumbled down to the river
They were all three sheets to the wind
So they dreamed up a demon and gave it a name
Just to have someone to blame

With no battle to fight they sailed into the night
With only one mission in mind
As many have tried and many have died
They were only racing the tide

Their heroes had left them behind
Strung out on the decks with nowhere to hide
Heads filled with stories of fish that could fly
And rumors of dragons that would not die