1. Cousin Charlie

From the recording Racing the Tide

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Written by Brent Hoad, Stephen Phillips, Ian Byrne & Norman Dahlor / Lyrics by Brent Hoad © Elders Pub Music 2006

*Traditional Tune in Cousin Charlie is known as Banshee


It doesn’t go any further than this room
No fly on the wall will ever know
You know what they say you only dressed in grey
And a sign from you could seal a man’s doom
Your help for a widow would dry away her tears
And the legend only grew with the passing of the years

Cousin Charlie won’t you tell us a story
Of criminals and days in the wars
Tell us all about the heroes high wide and tall
That would lay down and die for the cause
Cousin Charlie won’t you tell about it all

Now they say you kept it under the radar
The business was all underground
With the help of twenty martyrs and some friends overseas
They could turn this country around
There was blood before it’s done it’s always hit and run
When it got from bad to worse the curse was reversed

So now you’ve settled down in that sleepy little town
The heart of mother Ireland to surround you
Did you ever exist could you do more than this
My friend we were lucky just to find you
You were slippery as a whale escaped from Lincoln Gaol
And somehow you’re still here to tell us the tale