1. Dear God

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Written by Brent Hoad, Stephen Phillips, Ian Byrne & Norman Dahlor / Lyrics by Brent Hoad © Elders Pub Music 2006


Ragged hymn of beauty melody high and wide
I only wish I’d written it myself
She sang it to my brain gorgeous and strange
Impossible for anybody else

From the mountains of Killarney to the desert of Khartoum
With beauty truth and rhythm she will call
From a boom box out in Spain to an ear bud in my room
Her anthem made believers of us all

Dear God turn your radio on
I surrender from this moment on
A gift to all humanity forget your pride and vanity
Three minutes of heaven and then she’ll be gone
Dear God turn your radio on

With her secret no fear what we needed to hear
When it hit me like she turned on the sun
What universe was I in where the hell had I been
Every bard and poet knew she was the one

Inside every foreign nation it was spoken in tongues
Every president and king did understand
Even if she was denied when they laid down and died
Conversion on the deathbed to a man

When at last she is passed to every corner of the world
The music writing history unseen
They will move among the living to the broken and the curled
From every pub and valley in between