From the recording Gael Day

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Written by The Elders © 2009
Lyrics by Brent Hoad


So the bitterness is behind you
Promise in the days ahead
Forget about all those bad times
And the foolish things that we said
See the fortunes you will find
And the places you will see
Between Far and Away

Now in time our wounds will heal
From the things we thought all went wrong
We will travel roads of a lifetime
To the place that we belong
Older than any words
These ties that bind you and me
Between Far and Away

Let all good things come to you
And all your sadness washed away
Let your troubles be few, far and between
And the angels be with you in your every dream

Pack your amulets and your chains
Turn your sails onto the wind
All the treasure that you claim
Will be there for you my friend
You will find your place in this world
Never too long will you stay
Between Far and Away