1. Kathleen

From the recording Gael Day

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Written by The Elders © 2009
Lyrics by Brent Hoad


Grey ashes on the floor, a life that might have been
A frozen ring of smoke hung in the air
He met his death by friendly fire, they called it Cool McFinn
The holy and the evil said a prayer
Her lover taught her everything she knew
In this world of the brave and the new

Don’t you cry Kathleen, just drink the wine and go
Don’t you cry any more for a love and a war Kathleen
No cross could bear a sign of a dance so divine Kathleen

Her temper was as bad as the weather
She exorcised her brimstone and death
That evil twin was once removed forever
With a magic cool revenge on her breath
She would fall into a trance that rose and fell
But his teenage pill could never break the spell

She came up with a plan, to resurrect her man
Her lover if she failed would disappear
When a sleep he fell in, her mother wailed to Finn
Neither dyin’ nor religion came in fear
But he dreamed he had a thousand miles of pain
In a fever from Las Vegas, Las Vegas to the Seine