1. Red Headed Man

From the recording Gael Day

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Written by The Elders © 2009
Lyrics by Brent Hoad


Here’s a story of a man you want to know
Lords it over all the spirits down below
You will want him around when your dream goes down
Any soul in their midst will be sold

On one November Samhain Eve
She journeyed to her water from the well
The prettiest girl on the island
In an omen there she slipped and fell

The red-headed man will take you in
He’s unlucky ‘til he goes underground
He will save you from the spell of the little blue men
Where their magic can always be found
Red-headed man

She awoke into a world that was strange
In the middle of a stunned & silent crowd
By enchantment her vision had changed
But when she tried to leave, her path was not allowed

The banquet was laid out from east to west
Their underworld was hopeless to resist
Gentlemen seducers and wenches for the guests
While the mortals got their knickers in a twist

BRIDGE: Then they drank from a golden cup
And they danced to a silent band
She was tempted by the spirits and the wine
And the eyes of a handsome young man

When he beckoned her to stand by the fire
She was pulled by a hand unseen
She was warned just in time by desire
She was saved and led her out of her dream