1. Lucko'theIrish

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Written by The Elders © 2009
Lyrics by Ian Byrne


Two thousand years have come and gone
Many stories hymns and song
St Patrick to our shores he came
He was slaved in chains
On bended knee God takes his hand
Spread his word throughout this land
With the holy trinity we will be saved
We pray to our father
Off to the wars our soldiers called
Armed with shamrock good luck to all
To keep them from harm they will wear their green

The Luck of the Irish
Where on earth did that phrase come from
The Luck of the Irish
Never knowing what tomorrow will become

We’ve been beaten burned and enslaved
Starved from our lands where our fathers dug their graves
Never loosing faith we have fought for every mile
Still no matter where you go you’ll always find
An Irish smile

The Luck of the Irish
Many lands their admiration we have won
The Luck of the Irish
Many languages of love we have become

The Luck of the Irish
Around the world so many millions we are one
The Luck of the Irish
I pray our ancestors are proud of what we’ve done