From the recording The Best of The Elders VOL1

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Recorded live at the Gem Theater, Kansas City 2004 / Written by Brent Hoad, Stephen Phillips, Norman Dahlor & Ian Byrne / Lyrics by Brent Hoad & Stephen Phillips © Elders Pub Music 2002


If you could only see her face one time against the green blue sea
And hear the pipes at sunset I know you would believe
They say she launched a thousand ships and a hundred billion tears
And in this leaky boat I’ve been nye on forty years

I’ve seen the light in her eyes and drowned in her mystery
And I’ve seen those who gave up the ghost
For the Love of the Century

In this holy mercy light that shines on every man
Who had a heart to give away to reach the promised land
Is there any man among us a hundred thousand strong
A nation full of broken hearts can all of us be wrong

To climb every mountain high sail every ocean deep
Spend a life roving never be holding
The Love of the Century

She walks the cliffs of County Cork the ocean down below
Dreaming’ of a love she lost a long long time ago
His legend was a captain brave that went down with his crew
On the jagged rocks of Migen Head and a son he never knew

He built castles in her name though she had no other need
But one more chance to be safe in the arms
Of the Love of the Century