From the recording The Best of The Elders VOL1

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Written by By Brent Hoad, Stephen Phillips, Norman Dahlor & Ian Byrne / Lyrics by Brent Hoad © Elders Pub Music 2009


I was scuffling' hard and drinkin' down around Lough Ree
Diggin' graves or buskin' made no difference to me
Month to month, and week to week from hand to mouth I ran
A million miles a minute, and a stubborn foolish man

Well I took a walk long Green Street to kill the morning chill
She was sellin' scones and brandy, a finger in the till
A double shot to hold me, a straightner in the wind
If I ever thought I knew for sure I'll never know again
She was cool and she was kind
'Til she made me lose my mind

We've got better days ahead
Many more where they came from
Don't chase 'em all away my friend
'Til your heart goes numb
It's a long hard road they say
With a fiddler on the way I will swear by better days

Well the world is flat where I come from we got no place to hide
No bridge across the ocean to reach the sons that died

Now they say she's livin' on the coast a baby on the way
The winter wolf outside the door south of Galway Bay
I never bought that fishin' boat my second best laid plan
She must have known my penance was a scam
She was cool, she was kind
‘Til she made me lose my mind