From the recording TRUE

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Written by Diana Ladio, The Elders © 2017

The first tune in the set I wrote to celebrate the small town in northern MI (Traverse City) that I called home for the last few years. A picturesque, laid-back beach town with a great attitude toward life. I played music there with some dear friends who call their band Hot n’ Bothered. This is a homage to what a great role they’ve played in my life, musically and otherwise! Dublin Hallway was written backstage at a Dublin venue on my first tour with The Elders. It was my first time overseas, much less in Ireland, so I was a bit beside myself! I was so excited to be a part of the trip that I couldn’t seem to write tunes fast enough. The set is a nice representation of the styles I love and my playing in general: American meets Irish. I knew the guys would add a fun, fresh energy and bring the tunes to life. Diana